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The long awaited Great Biblical Messiah has come!  







Tanach (Bible) of the humiliations and sufferings of the Messiah during his secretive and obscure existence

The Dead Sea Scrolls and I. Aydin Gurshumov

Information about the appearance Aydin we find in the so-called Qumran scrolls , found in 1947 in Wadi Qumran caves. An important link in understanding the "end time" and "last days" is the notion of the " anointed " - " Messiah" ( Messiah ) - the mediator between God and men . In this regard, special attention attracts still largely mysterious person Qumran " Teacher of Righteousness ." "The teacher was chosen by God to transmit through it true teachings ( decrypted TANAHAa ( Bible ) - Approx. 's Website ) and the mysteries of the" end times " , the remaining unknown even to the prophets , and with the true teaching and mystery steel led by Master directly from the mouth of God (10 p on in II, 1-4). Aydin learned that the universe was created by God 10 billion years ago. Life in the universe is composed of 12 cycles . We are now in a 11 cycle, which will end in the year 4000 ~ . 12 cycle will continue 90 billion years. Then the universe completely die and God will make it all over again . The present human civilization will continue to exist 2,000 years , ie until the end of the 11th cycle of the universe ( ~ 4000 years).

This text Qumran coincides with the prophecy of Job (Job 9:33 ) "There is no intermediary between us , that might lay his hand upon us both ( 1998 - Approx. 's Website ) ." The text 4 Qmess ar. says that " in his youth, he will be like a man , alien knowledge ( religion) to the time when he knows the three books , then he gains wisdom and knowledge , and will receive a vision ... And with him in old age will counsel and prudence , he knows secrets of man, and his wisdom will come upon all nations, he will know all the secrets of living . To oppose it will be great , but his plans are carried out, because he - the Chosen of God , causing Him and His Spirit Breath ... "

Document 4 Q AhA said: "And he shall redeem all the children of his generation. His word is like the word of Heaven and his Teaching ( decrypted Tanach (Bible) - Approx. 's ) Will be in accordance with God's will . Fire will be kindled in all corners of the earth, and over the darkness it will burn brightly . Then the darkness will disappear from the earth . ( But before that ) will be a lot of lies and violence ... Many ( unkind ) words against him , they say , and (to be ) a lot of lies . And ( false ) stories about him , they will compose, and all sorts of vile things about him will say . His evil generation it will change , and will be a great rage , and lies and violence (to be ) in place (location ) of it ( in Azerbaijan - Approx. 's ) ... People will wander in his days , and they will be confused ... Aydin said that it foresaw the great Nostradamus . Nostradamus also warned that around Aydin will intrigue and speculation. In the 25th quatrain 1st Centuries clairvoyant writes: "Morning thing hidden for many centuries , is detected. Pastor will be honored as a demigod . This happens when the moon completes its grand cycle . His shame will cover other people's gossip , not worth a penny . " Here, the "pastor" - it Aydin, "morning thing " - is the Ark ( Spear of Destiny ) , Aydin will be very respected, but this will be around other people's gossip , " not worth a penny ." The fact that the Messiah would be from Azerbaijan , mentioned in the book of Joshua Trachtenberg, "The Devil and the Jews ." On page 37 states that " the Messiah will come from among the " red Jews " living somewhere in the mountains near the Caspian Sea , where they were , according to legend, drove Alexander the Great ." Aydin Gurshumov also born in the Cuban mountain area in the village of Krasnaya Sloboda , which is located near the Caspian Sea.

* * *

2. 4Q 416, 418

Children Rescue and the mystery of being, fr. 1 and 4 – 10

About you ... ( student ) separated from all that He (God ) hates , and sides of all abominations ...

He created all things and gave each of its parts ... He gave you the power ... He identified your lot ... And always be faithful to Him (all ) their deeds ...

About you ( student ) , he showed you mind and gave you power over His treasury of the true measure and identified ... And in thy hand to avert the wrath people from Grace ( Will) ...

About you ( student ) , thanks to the wisdom ( his ) hands ( palms ) He gave you the power , and Knowledge ( Mind ) ... treasury for all mankind (code Tanakh ) ...

Productivity is what has not been for all those Who is looking for ( their ideals ) lust ...

God divided the heritage of all living , and every wise hearted repent ...

By perdition ( lead ) your aversion ( from the Truth - Logos ) ... How can you say ( in the judgment ) : "We are tired mind ( thought worked to exhaustion ) " (s) bdeli pursuing knowledge ...

About you ( student ) Follow the True with all ( researching the Truth ...) For such He has a treasure trove ( Wisdom ) And ... if he will not extend his hand ( Hand ) for your needs, then His treasure chest ( Wisdom satisfy this ) need ...

God created desire treasury ( Chalice people ) Truth and tested them ... On the scales of true (right) He weighed all of them ( people ) understanding ...

( Under ) with his knowledge one person will be glorified more than the other, and in accordance with his mind will be exalted his honor ... For man complains because he is lazy ... Day and night meditate on the mystery of existence, in a rebuke to quickly accept payment and proud of their sins ... and He will help you cope with your sins ...

And their deeds did not detract from his spirit ; no matter what kind of property would not change his holy spirit , for there is no fee equal to the price of his spirit .

Voluntarily seek Lick Him Who has the power over your treasure trove ... and then you will find your desired satisfaction ...

Do not give up their laws and keep their secrets ... Do not humiliate his soul for the sake of someone who is not worthy of you ... Not smite those who do not have your strength , that thou mayest not tripped (not committed a sin ) and did not despise myself very much ...

Do not sell your glory for the money ( the book ) and do not pass it as his inheritance , that the heirs of your body is not impoverished ...

If there are no bowls , do not drink wine, and ate no food , do not look for treats ... Do not lay your hand on him ( other people's property , other people's fate ) so you were not burned , and his fire does not burn your body ... But for thee joy if you are cleansed from it ( sin) .

Also, do not take anything from the person which you do not know because it will only increase your poverty. And if He has prepared for you to die in poverty , Then He predestined it ; And his spirit did not harm you because of this.

Therefore lie down in the coffin with this truth , and your death will be clearly They proclaimed about your purity ( purity ) and your ultimate fate - you will inherit eternal Joy ( Bliss ) .

And the mystery of existence hear from His children ( dedicated ) , and then you will know His possession (ie the universe ), and in righteousness shalt pace ...

He gave you power over His glorious possession .

Constantly seek His will . (Although ) you ( and ) is poor , do not say : "I am needy and ( so ) I will not look for knowledge "; incline his back to every instruction , and all wisdom purify his heart (mind of the heart) , and their thoughts velikorazumiem explore the mystery of existence , and all the way comprehend the Truth ( Truth ) and all roots Krivda considered.

Then you will know , What bittersweet for man, and that is sweet to her husband ...

* * *

3. Thanksgiving hymn (№ 9) 1Q H

"I thank thee, O Lord , for that would not leave me , when I lived in exile of ( someone else's ) people ... And you put ( the soul of thy servant ) in the midst of lions, set ( to judge ) the guilty ... And there you put me on the court ... But thou hast saved the unfortunate soul in the den of lions, which sharpened the sword their tongue , and Thou, my God , you close their mouths , that they rend the poor and unfortunate soul ... Fierce wicked torment me all day and hit my soul ... But you, my God ... will deliver the poor soul from the power of the lions ...

And eating my bread lifted his heel against me , and all ( unsteadily ) who joined my advice ridiculed me wicked lips ... And the secret that you hid in me , they went to the sons of perdition, to bring ...

( His mouth ) opened Belial - a lying tongue , as the venom ... I am bound by ropes that do not tear , and chains that do not break ; and powerful wall and iron bars , and copper door - my (prison ) is similar to the abyss , is not ( possible) escape ... Belial servants surrounded my soul , ( leaving no possibility of release ) ...

* * *

4. Thanksgiving hymns 1Q H

But you 're putting me elect banner of truth and interpreter of knowledge about the wondrous mysteries , in order to verify Truth ... and experience loving edification .

I'll be the interpreter of the adversary delusion ... and all allies who saw direct . I will be zealous spirit Against all seekers slippery ...

Deceivers noise ... against me , noise like the sound of many waters , and intrigues of Belial ... - their calculations . And the grave is converted to her husband's life , whose mouth you sent , and the doctrine of the mind ( you ) put in his heart ,

to uncover the source of all knowledge for granted. But replace it with evil speech alien language and unreasonable people , in order to die in their errors .

Thank you, Lord , For Your Eyes ... awake on my soul . You saved me from jealousy false interpreters , from the synagogue seeking slippery . You bought the poor soul who decided to destroy his blood shed for serving you, then they did not know that from thee my footsteps .

I paced the boundless plain, and I learned that there is hope for the one you created from the dust of the Council for the eternal . And you are a broken spirit cleansed from great sin , that he ( the Messiah ) could be in ( one ) along with the host of the saints and with the community to unite the children of heaven. Thou hast prepared husband eternal fate ( to be) with the spirits of Knowledge that he may praise thy name in the community ( the saints ) and to tell all thy wonders according to your works.

There are many, but not gaped at me his mouth , For thou, O my God , covered me , contrary to the sons of men , and Teaching (Torah ) Your hid me before the date of manifestation of your helping me , For trouble in my soul You left me , and my cry , in the bitterness of my soul, thou hast heard .

And I was ... for litigation and quarrels with my friends , jealousy (or envy ) and included in the anger of my Testament . Murmur of complaint and all of my like-minded ... and those who ate my bread , brought me to heel , slander me artful speech.

All related to my secret circle my advice and people resist and grumbling around. And the secret that you hid in me , sound out for the sake of the children and for the sake of damage ... Because of their guilt you hid the source of intelligence and the mystery of the truth.

Thank you, my God , that you accomplished the miracle of the ashes , earthen vessel and thou hast magnified very - very .

Thank you, Lord , You highlighted that my face and thy covenant ...

And they lie interpreters and visionaries deception. conspired to me useless (or Velialovo ) to replace your teaching that you punched me in the heart, - deceit Your people ... But those who like you, will forever stand before Thy face , and going through your heart establish themselves permanently.

And you enlighten me the faces of many . You are powerful beyond description , because you taught me thy wondrous mysteries ( decryption technique TANAKH - Approx. 's ) . His secret miracle You showed me the greatness of Thy and made many miracles before for Your glory and in order to proclaim to all living thy power .

And I became the victim of river flooding , For me its being driven by the mud . And you , my God, put in my mouth, like torrential rain for all ... and the key of living waters (code Tanakh ) and not lie ( he ) , opening the heavens .

And enjoying fruitful ... eternity, Eden glory and paradise ... my hand You opened their source (transcript of the Tanakh - Approx. 's ) with watershed (or : channels ) ... to turn ( them) in a straight line.

II. Messiah and the Tanach (Bible)

1. " Because the Lord himself will give you a sign : Behold, the young woman will conceive and bear a son , and shall call his name Immanu Eyl . Butter and honey shall he eat , when will be able to hate evil and choose the good . Even before the boy ( messenger of the Lord of Hosts ) will be able to hate evil and choose the good , the land that is abandoned ( December 29, 1998 , Azerbaijan and 28 July 1999, Russia ) , two kings whom you are afraid.

( Isaiah 7:14-17 )

Your words , I listened and I devoured them, and Your word was to me the joy and joy in my heart ( 2000 ) , because I was called thy name , O Lord God of Hosts ( 1999 ) . I have not sat in a circle of merry and I was not happy , under thy hand I sat alone because you filled me with anger. Why is my eternal pain and heavy my wound , - does not accept treatment? You became my source dries up , water insecurity. But this is what the LORD says : if you come back , then I will accept you, you will stand before me: and if the precious from the vile, thou shalt be as my mouth : let them return to you, but you do not come to them. ( The Lord says that let the family back to Israel Aydin him - Approx. 's ) . And I will put you before this people impregnable fortress wall of brass , and they will fight against you but will not overcome you , for I am with thee to save thee and to deliver thee , - said the Lord. And I will deliver you from the hand of evil , and free you from the hand of the terrible

( Yirmeya 15:16 - 21)

"The Lord God has given me ( Aydin ) language teaching ( the Bible Code , 1998 ) , to be able to reinforce the word tired , He awakens every morning , it awakens my ear to listen like those who are learning . The Lord God has opened my ear , and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back . Gave back its beatable and their cheeks - breaking hair, his face not face from shame and spitting . And the Lord God will help me, so I am not ashamed , so did his face like a flint , and I know that I will not be ashamed . Close to warrant me. Who wants to argue with me ( with Aydin ) ? Let us stand together . Who is suing me ( with Aydin ) ? Let him come to me. For the Lord God helps me . Who is the one who will accuse me? After all, they are like clothes, grow old , moth will devour them . Who among you fears the Lord , hear the voice of his servant ( Aydin ) ? He who walks in darkness and not light it , let relies on the name of the Lord and relies on his God . "

( Isaiah 50:4-10 )

" Therefore my people will know my name , so ( know) in that day that I - the one who speaks ( and exercises ) Here I am ( 1999 - Code is - God is ! )," " Here , the servant will prosper my rise and extolled, and shall be exalted exceedingly . as many were astonished ( looking ) on you - because disfigured (was ) his countenance as anybody , and the way it 's not like the children of men , - So shall he sprinkle many nations , kings shall shut their mouth , for that which had not been told them they shall see , and what they have not heard , seen. "

( Isaiah 52:6-7 , 52:13-15 )

" Who would have believed the hearing , ( come down ) to us, and Arm of the Lord was on anyone ? And he went , like a root , and as root ( sprouted ) of soil is dry, or used it since , no beauty , and we have seen it but not ( this was ) his image, so as to deceive them . he was despised and rejected by men , a sufferer , and acquainted with disease , and as if turning away from self-employed persons , despised (was ) , and we do not worship him . but he bore our diseases and our pain endured it and we thought that he hit beating the oppressed, and God . and he was wounded by our offenses , crushed our sins , the punishment for our well-being - for him and his wounds healed us. All we like sheep wandered , each turned on its way , and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. harassing and he was exhausted and did not open his mouth , like a lamb to the slaughter , and as a sheep before her shearers mute it, and did not open his mouth. from prison and from the punishment he was taken , and who talk about ( the incident ) with the generation of it, for he was cut off from the land of the living , for the wickedness of my people - defeat him . And there was given him a grave with the wicked and with the rich - at his death, ( though) he did not commit violence and ( was) lying in his mouth . But the Lord was pleased to crush his disease , if his soul will make a trespass offering , and see that he offspring prolong days ( its ) , and the desire of the Lord in his hand fulfilled. For work of his soul sees ( good ) , enjoy , their wisdom of the righteous servant justify many of my pre , and their sins he was carrying. Therefore I will give him ( inheritance ) among the great , and with a strong will divide the spoils that risked his life , and was counted among the transgressors , and he bore the sin of many , and for criminal stood up . "

( Isaiah 53:1-12 )

" Gangs of the wicked have robbed me - your Torah I have not forgotten "

(Psalm 119:61-62 )

"Let the wicked be ashamed , because false unfairly judged me , - ( a) I will meditate on your precepts "

(Psalm 119:78 )

" I dug a pit fiends in spite of Your Torah . All thy commandments - the truth , they are unjustly persecuted me - help me!

(Psalm 119:86-87 )

" I am small and despised , (but) do not forget thy commandments . "

(Psalm 119:141-142 )

"More than the hairs of my head , that hate me without cause ; intensified ( seeking ) to destroy me , my enemies false , which robbed me, must return . "

(Psalm 69:5 )

" Dig all you fence it, it turned into a fortress ruins . Robbed it all pass by the way , he became a byword for its neighbors . " " You reduce the days of his youth , clothed him with shame . Sal ! "

(Psalm 89:41-43 , 89:46-47 )

III. Al - Ghazali and Aydin

In " Elixir bliss " great Sufi master al - Ghazali says: " On the way human growth from man to God - from person to person actual potential , the possibility to implement - is seven valleys ." Al - Ghazali argued that mystical truth seeker must pass through seven valleys , seven nights of the soul, before it reaches God. These valleys are as follows:

1. Knowledge. 2 . Remorse. 3 . Stumbling blocks . 4 . Unhappiness. 5 . Threats and harassment . 6. Abyss of despair. And finally : 7. Glorification and celebration.

Aydin just passed the six valleys. Seventh started. Vanga talked about this : " God punish us because he loves . Hardest He punishes his favorites. "


More than twenty years spent in six prisons and three fortresses father Abel for his prediction Russian monarchs of their deaths and murders. Paul 1 sealed envelope with his outlook "Fate of the Russian State " and wrote on it : " To be opened in our offspring centennial anniversary of my death . " It opened at the appointed time. Prophetic Abel was right: Russian imperial crown emperor replaced the crown of thorns . Paul Abel predicted what would happen after the fall of the Soviet Union : "God is slow to help, but said that he would raise up her soon and Russian rock salvation . - Rise in exile and out of your house the Great Prince ("8" ) , standeth for the children of his people (ie, the Jewish people - approx. 's ) . This is God's elect , and the head of his blessing. It will be understood by one and all , it uchuet the heart of Russian . Look it will be bright and powers , and no one saith: " The king here or there " , but "It's - it . " People submit to the will of God's grace . And he confirms his calling.

V. Philo and AYDIN

Famous philosopher Philo (a Jew , lived about 30 BC - 46 AD in Alexandria ) writes: " Moreover, I heard one of the companions of Moses said a word : "Behold the man whose name - East - a very strange name."

East = 6 + 7 + 3 + 4 + 7 + 2 = 29 = 11 = 2

Eighth = 6 + 7 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 7 + 1 = 29 = 11 = 2

East = Eighth


"Tell the ears of my people the words of prophecy , which I will put in thy mouth , saith the Lord , and grant that they were written on the Charter , because they are faithful and true . Fear not the imaginations against thee ( 2011 ) , and let does not listen to you unbelief of those who will speak against you , for every unbeliever in his unbelief die ( 2013 ) . "

(3 Ezra 15:1-4 )


The fact that up to a certain time can not be correctly read and understand written in the Bible , as well as to adequately interpret the vision of the prophets , and the prophet says Ishayyagu : " And it was all a vision for you as the words of the sealed letter which give who can read , saying," Read it "- but he says : " I can not , for it is sealed " ( Ishayyagu 29:11-12 ) . This means that nobody can read the Bible ( Tanakh ) , until it was discovered the code until it's time - 1998 .

Hence, only the Supreme Reason could encrypt the Bible ( Tanakh ) . Conclusion: The code is there, it means that God is!

The world's first scientific proof of God's existence !


Great Nostradamus predicted in " Epistle to Henry " : Your greatness and humanity of men and your devotion to God so well known that once you introduce yourself to one worthy to wear the title of the great King of the World , followed by the highest authority to recognize all religions . " Aydin Gurshumov - this is the great teachers who expect all religions ! Aydin Gurshumov thanks to his fate , takes great purpose after the appearance of images on the wall of the room exchanges , where he had previously lived .


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