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Aidyn Pinchasovich Gurshumov

(Short Biography)

Aidyn Pinchasovich Gurshumov was born on the 27th of December, 1946 in the settlement of Krasnaya Sloboda of the Kuba region in the North of Azerbaijan. There were eight children in their family: seven boys and one girl. His father Pinchas was an influential, respected, and modest man. Aidyn’s mother Shakkar was a calm woman who occupied herself with the upbringing of her children. Aidyn’s parents both had an ancient pedigree. Pinchas gave higher education to almost all of his children.
Aidyn went to school when he was eight. He finished school in 1965, and he was awarded a silver medal.
When he was in the 6th grade, he learned to play chess, and two years later he became the school champion. From 1963 till 1965 he was the district schoolchildren champion, and as a member of the Kuba team, he took second and third places (1965).
In 1965 Aidyn entered the Lenin Pedagogical Institute of Azerbaijan (the Department of Physics). From 1965 till 1969 he was the Institute chess champion. In 1968 he took third place in the Republican students competition.
After graduating from the Institute, he worked at Hurdolan high school in the Apsheron region from 1969 till 1971.
From 1972 till 1976 Aidyn worked at the laboratory of the chemistry of semiconductors at the Institute of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. The laboratory was led by Pasha Gabibovich Rustamov, an eminent scientist in the field of the chemistry of semiconductors.
In 1972 Aidyn married a charming 17-year-old girl from an educated family. His wife bore him two sons: Fuad, who was born in 1973, and Fikret, who was born in 1975.
In 1996 Aidyn became the grandfather of two grandchildren: grandson Aidyn, the son of Fuad, and granddaughter Milcah, the daughter of Fikret (see the picture on the cover).
When Aidyn was in the Army, he received a letter in verse from his brother Eldar. Here is a strophe from the letter:

The time will come when your mind is strong.
You will untie thousands of knots, my Brother.
You will shine a light on the dark depths of the Universal sciences
Like the bright Sun, my Brother!

The words of his brother Eldar were a real prophecy! It came true 25 years later. Lord Tsevaot endowed Aidyn with intellect and wisdom. He revealed the secrets of the Universe to Aidyn, revealed the source of all things, and told him what to do for achieving peace and prosperity on earth.
From 1976 Aidyn worked at the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (the Department of Electricity and Optics).
In 1981 Aidyn Gurshumov defended his Ph.D. thesis in Physics and Mathematics. He did research on the effect of thallium and the elements of group V on the physical properties of tin selenide.
From the mid 1970s onwards, ternary compounds and solid solutions based on tin selenides and rare-earth elements were studied at the laboratory of the chemistry of semiconductors at the Institute of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. In later years this work also continued in various research centers in Russia and other countries.
Aidyn made a notable contribution to the field. First of all, he developed an original method for the synthesis and growing of the crystals of compounds and solid solutions, which allowed to give very pure amounts of the mentioned materials directly by melting the elementary substances together. Besides, he made a detailed study of physical-chemical, electrical-physical and optical properties of the given materials. He also made a detailed study of the zone structure of tin selenide, and of the mechanism of defect formation in tin selenide-based materials.
In 1991 Aidyn Pinchasovich Gurshumov finished a series of investigations on the subject “Physical-chemical and physical nature of complex semiconductor materials based on tin monoselenide”. This work was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Science, and published in the form of a monograph in 1992. In 1991 - 1997 Aidyn Gurshumov published another four monographs and a book of scientific papers in the field (independently or in joint authorship with other scientists).

On 22nd February 1998, Aidyn had a dream. In his dream they gave him the “Ark” (a talisman) and five fountain-pens. At first Aidyn refused to take those things, saying, “I don’t need the Ark.” But they made him take the “Ark” and the fountain-pens. Then they gave him an examination in which he got a “two”. He told them, “You don’t have the right to give me a two.” (Later on he learnt that “two” had a mystic meaning. We will give detailed information about these numbers later on). They were surprised and asked, “Why?” Aidyn said, “Because I’ve already had the Ark.” They smiled, called him, gave him two grades “four” (4+4), and congratulated him. Before he had got another “four”.
Dear reader, these numbers - “2”, “4+4” and “4+4+4” - have a great mystic meaning. It will be considered in Section 2.21 ‘The Meaning of Name, Number and the Universe’.
Let us proceed with Aidyn’s dream. After his “exam” he took a taxi and got off near Lenin’s Museum (the place also has a special meaning which will be explained in another passage). There he saw his brother Rashid standing near the boulevard and looking at him. Suddenly he found himself in a room. There were his mother Shakkar and brother Eldar in the room. Eldar stood up to congratulate him. Aidyn asked, “How did you get to know that I got two fours?” Eldar answered smiling, “We know everything.”
At that moment Aidyn woke up. He understood nothing. But he told this story to his friend Alizade who replied, “This means that the Most High has given you power. It is a divine power. You will feel it soon.”
At that time Aidyn took those words for a joke.

A few words about the “Ark”.
The “Ark” belonged to the kings of Israel before the Common Era. When they broke God’s laws, God took the “Ark” away from them and gave it to the Romans. The Romans reigned for a long time. Then the “Ark” passed to the Tartar-Mongolian Horde. When the Russians took prisoners two Tartar commanders, the Tartars exchanged the commanders for the “Ark”. After that the Russians defeated the Tartars. Later on Napoleon got it somehow, and then, once again, it passed to the Russians. After the victory over Napoleon, one Russian General left the “Ark” in Austria as a sign of respect, in other words, he presented the “Ark” to the allies.
After that, in the XIX century, there appeared a number of world-famous composers in Austria. Later on Hitler took possession of the “Ark”. He began to exterminate the whole nations cruelly and ruthlessly. God punished him severely for that.
Then the “Ark” passed to General Eisenhower. The USA won glorious victories over Nazi Germany on the Western front. When Eisenhower became U.S. President, he returned the “Ark” to Austria. That is why Austria became a highly developed country with a very high standard of life after World War II. At present the “Ark” is in the National Museum of Austria.
And that was the very “Ark” that was given to Aidyn by the angels.

On 27th February 1998, Aidyn had another dream. In that dream, somebody put a domino marked with 0 - 1 on his palm, just on the heart line. This meant that his nearest relative would come to see him the next day or a day later.
The next day, i.e. on 28th February 1998, his elder brother Rashid came to see him. Rashid was like a father to Aidyn and his younger brother Chingiz, they continue to call him “dad” even at present. When Aidyn was a student, he used to call in on Rashid. His elder brother always gave him good advice and was a big help to him.
On 12th March 1998, Aidyn was reading a book in a room on the premises of the Automatic Telephone Station where he lived at the time. Aidyn was very tired, so he fell asleep and woke up at midnight. He opened his eyes and saw the images of two bearded old men on the wall opposite his bed. One of them was looking at him smiling.
Aidyn was very surprised, but then he connected the appearance of the images with his dream he had on the 22nd of February. The images told Aidyn telepathically how to behave properly in the future, and they helped him find the truth.
The appearance of the images and the passing of the “Ark” to Aidyn in his dream were foretold in advance by the Great Nostradamus.
Aidyn says that he has changed drastically since that day - 12th March 1998. Somebody began suggesting to him that there existed the tenth planet. Aidyn guessed that it was the images on the wall that told him telepathically about the planet.

He seemed to hear somebody dictating to him,
“Open the number ‘12’ ”.

12 = 10 planets + the Sun + the Moon

Aidyn realized that the number was connected with his dream. They passed him the “Ark”, and gave him two grades “four” (“4+4”) in his dream. Before receiving the “Ark”, he had got another “four”. So, he got three grades “four” in total, which gave
4 + 4 + 4 = 12
It means the following: 12 = 10 planets + the Sun + the Moon

Dear reader,
The number “12” has a special mystic meaning. It will be considered in detail in Section 2.21.
Aidyn understood that the existence of the 10th planet involved its effect on other planets. This must be detected by astronomers when they calculate the parameters of the orbits of the planets. Aidyn asked the images of the saints on the wall to help him with proving his hypothesis. And suddenly he heard somebody saying, “See the book The Universe. Science. Reason” (by I.S. Shklovsky. ‘Nauka’ Publishing House, 1976). Aidyn found the book and read the following on page 103:

“A major contribution to the investigation of Venus and Mercury - the planets closest to the Sun - was made by the American Mariner 10 space mission in 1973. The orbit of Mariner 10 is very interesting. The spacecraft was placed in orbit en route to Venus, and it passed Venus at a distance of about 6000 km from the surface. Then, its orbital velocity slowed by the gravity of Venus, Mariner 10 entered the orbit of Mercury”.

Aidyn holds that the slowing of the orbital velocity of Mariner 10 is in reality connected with the 10th planet. American scientists did not take into account its effect, so they could not foresee the turn of events.
Then, also under the influence of the wall images, Aidyn read L. Cooper’s book “Modern Physics”. On page 86, Volume 2, it deals with the problem of the perihelion shift of Mercury:

The Perihelion Shift of Mercury

Kepler’s joy was partly accounted for by his discovery: he found that the orbits of the planets are ellipses.
It turned out, however, that the planets follow ellipses only approximately, their motion being perturbed by the influence of the neighboring celestial bodies.
For Mercury, in particular, the perturbation manifests itself most clearly in the so-called perihelion shift, or the shift of the point in the orbit that is closest to the Sun. According to Kepler’s theory, the perihelion of a planet must always occur at the same place. The observations show, however, that it slowly moves (about 540 seconds per century in relation to the immobile stars).
If we take into account the influence of all visible planets (Le Verrier was the first to do so), we can estimate the perihelion shift of Mercury to be about 500 seconds per century. The only thing that remains inexplicable is the difference of 43 seconds per century between the prediction by Newton’s theory and the astronomical observations. As yet nobody can offer any rational explanation of the phenomenon. (At first, this was ascribed to the influence of another planet named Volcanus, but the planet was not discovered).

Aidyn says that the perihelion shift of Mercury is a clear proof of the existence of the 10th planet. Being located in the Earth’s orbit, the 10th planet is symmetrical to the Earth with respect to the Sun. That is why it can’t be discovered from the Earth. It is the planet of spirits.
Aidyn decoded the biblical expressions “the beyond”, “God’s paradise”, “the other world” - they mean the world that is on the other side of the Sun (i.e. the 10th planet).
The Great Nostradamus wrote in his “Letter to Son Cesar”,
“… And at this time there will be found the eighth celestial sphere, which is in the latitudinal dimension”.
Aidyn says that the decoded meaning of the words “the eighth celestial sphere” is connected with the 10th planet.

In September 1998 Aidyn had a dream about his late nephew Tair (the son of Aidyn’s elder brother Gilil who perished in January 1997. They treated him as their eighth brother). In that dream, Tair gave three keys to Aidyn.
The next day Aidyn’s relative came to see him. He brought three books: “Vanga”, “Edgar Cayce” and “Nostradamus” published in the “Great Prophets” series.
Aidyn says that he revealed immediately who was mentioned by Nostradamus under the names of Hannibal and Mabus.

On 5th December 1998, there appeared an article about Aidyn in the local newspaper ‘Криминал’ [‘Criminal case’ (Russian)] in Baku. The article dealt with the decoding of the Bible by Aidyn Gurshumov.
Below is the full text of the article.

A Picture on the Wall

Gurshumov Aidyn Pinchasovich was born in the Krasniy settlement, the Kuba region of Azerbaijan, in 1946. He is a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. In 1991 he wrote his D.Sc. dissertation which was published in the form of a monograph. He has published seven monographs and 250 scientific papers. He is the author of eleven scientific inventions. From 1976 to 1993, he was a senior researcher at the N. Tusi Pedagogical University of Azerbaijan.


On 22nd February 1998, Aidyn had a dream. In his dream they gave him the “Ark” and five fountain-pens. He told them, “I don’t need the Ark.” Then they gave him an examination in which he got a “two” (2). He told them, “You don’t have the right to give me a two.” They asked, “Why?” He said, “Because I’ve already had the Ark.” They smiled, called him, gave him two grades “four” (4+4), and congratulated him.
A few days later he woke up at midnight. He opened his eyes and saw the images of two bearded old men on the wall opposite his bed. One of them was looking at him smiling.
He has changed drastically since that day. Being a man of 51 years old who had never taken any interest in God or religion, he began reading the Bible, Nostradamus, the Prophets, and other holy books. He discovered a code for revealing the secret meaning of the holy books and began decoding them. He made revolutionary discoveries in science and religion.


1. Aidyn proved the existence of the 10th planet with the help of several methods. He determined that there are ten planets revolving round the Sun. The last planet is called Paradise in the Bible and other ancient books. The 10th planet is revolving round the Sun symmetrically to the Earth. Therefore it can’t be discovered from the Earth. There live spirits on that planet. The physical life exists on Earth only. There is no life on the other eight planets of the Solar system.

2. The code discovered by Aidyn allowed him to understand the secrets of the Bible and Nostradamus. It allowed him to determine that the real history of mankind and the Universe was exactly described in the Bible. So it is possible to draw the conclusion that the existence of such a code means the existence of God.
This is the first scientific confirmation of the existence of God.

3. Aidyn decoded the code of Antichrist - “666”. Aidyn knows who Antichrist is!!! When it is revealed to the whole world, the alignment of world forces will begin changing in favor of good.

4. He determined the year of the Day of Judgement mentioned in the holy books. The exact date is known to God only. Even angels do not know the exact date.
The Day of Judgement will take place around the year 4000. Those who will pass the examination of the Last Judgement will become angels. They will be alive as God's servants for 90 billion (90,000,000,000) years more (till the end of the 12th cycle of the Universe). The event will take place neither in the evening nor in the daytime. It will be marked with a sudden bright light towards evening.

5. The life of the Universe consists of 12 cycles. We are in the 11th cycle now. The 11th cycle will end around the year 4000 when there is the Day of Judgement. The 12th cycle will last for 90 billion years. After that the Universe will be destroyed, and God will re-create everything all over again.

6. Aidyn estimated the age of the Sun to be seven billion years, the age of the Earth to be four billion years, and the age of the Moon to be two billion years. The Universe was created by God ten billion years ago. The lifetime of the Universe will total 100 billion years. After that, as was stated above, the Universe will be destroyed, and God will re-create everything all over again.

7. The code allowed Aidyn to reveal the secret thoughts of the Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga and American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. It allowed him to decode the encoded writings of Nostradamus and identify “Mabus” and “Hannibal” - persons who played a negative role in the historical events mentioned by Nostradamus.

8. The inhabitants of the Earth will establish contact with other civilizations in 2005 with the aid of aliens from the planet “Vamfim”.

9. Aidyn estimated how long the USSR could exist - this proved to be about 74 years. The number of Soviet leaders could not exceed eight people.

10. He determined that a soul goes down from Lord Tsevaot, penetrating into the foetus in the mother's womb 5 seconds before the birth of the child.

11. The standard length of human life on Earth is 120 years. The maximum length of human life is 180 years.

12. At the same time he revealed the meaning of such mystic numbers as 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 33, etc.

13. He traced the history of the destruction of Atlantis, and the history and cause of the formation of Antarctic glaciers.

He determined the time and cause of the Great Flood in the times
of Noah.

On the night of 4th and 5th December 1998, the Moon was shining surprisingly bright in Baku. Aidyn says that such a strong light predicted the appearance of the article about his decodings in the newspaper ‘Криминал’. He made every effort to publish this article. Aidyn says that Nostradamus also foretold the appearance of the article:

When the lamps burn with inextinguishable fire,
There will be found a hole in the skin of the time:
It will happen on the 5th of December
(Century 9, quatrain 9)

The Great Nostradamus exactly foretold the appearance of the article in the press, and its great importance for science and world outlook.

On 14th December 1998 Aidyn had another dream. He describes his dream in the following way: “On the 14th of December somebody came to me in my dream. I don’t know who they were, but I think they were the same angels of God that gave me a talisman - the ‘Ark’, which is the symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. It was in my dream on the 22nd of December. They said, ‘Go and tell everybody that you are the messenger of Lord Tsevaot.’ I said, ‘Nobody will understand me.’ They answered, ‘Go and say. Don’t worry if they don’t understand you - it’s not your affair. Go and tell everybody that you are the messenger of Lord Tsevaot.’ They repeated their words three times”.

Aidyn says that his dream made him remember how Moses had written down the Torah. Moses used to write down the events of the day. When he reached the words “And God said, Let us make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness”, he said, “Almighty God! I wonder why You give them grounds for their heretical figments.” And the Lord said to Moses, “Write down. As for those who want to make mistakes, let them make mistakes”.

In December 1998 Aidyn came to Russia to perform his mission. He lived in Russia and became a Russian citizen. In Russia, he laid the foundations of a new doctrine - the Doctrine of Reason.
Three monographs published in Russia (1999) deal with the decoding of the Bible by Aidyn.
The prophecies of Vanga and Edgar Cayce have come true. They both foretold that the hope of the world and the doctrine of Reason would come out of Russia.

In the summer of 1999 Aidyn repatriated to Israel, disseminating the doctrine of Reason all over the world. Since then he has been living in Israel.

Let us consider the question of the lifetime of the Universe once more.
Hocking, a well-known physicist and cosmologist, estimated the lifetime of the Universe to be 155 billion years. The number seemed doubtful to Aidyn, so he asked the images of the saints on the wall in his room to help him solve the problem.
The saints told Aidyn telepathically that the life of the Universe consists of 12 cycles. The lifetime of the Universe totals 100 billion years. This is described in detail in the article published in the newspaper ‘Криминал’ on 5th December 1998.
The writings of Nostradamus decoded by Aidyn confirmed the correctness of his calculations. “The last period will stifle the whole earth” (Century 3, quatrain 92). Aidyn decoded these words in the following way: “The beginning of the 12th cycle will stifle the whole earth. This will coincide with the Day of Judgement, i.e. this will take place around the year 4000”.




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