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The long awaited Great Biblical Messiah has come!  






Appeal to the Knesset and members of the Knesset.
Lord God of Hosts from heaven to earth sends the following appeal

Be ready, soon hostilities next to Mount Sinai will resume. Egypt will cancel all the agreements, Israel will be embroiled in a local war. Out of fear, Egypt will return Sinai, followed by Syria blown up with bloody clashes and destroyed by cataclysms. There will be a lot of blood in this region. Despite all efforts, Iran will blow up itself. Lebanon will sit in silence, disbelieving all that will happen. Then the Al-Aqsa Mosque will collapse and the wall will fall. There will be victims. Everything must happen quickly and by the middle of .... By this time, a book about the second coming will be written and published. The mountains of Jerusalem will move apart by the power of Lord God and from the ark the chosen ones will come led by Messiah. Heavens will bend, Jerusalem will be lit by white light. Everyone who will come will be dressed in snow-white clothes.

About refugees problem.

These people, like your fathers long ago, came here for a better life, they left their places from starvation and harassment. Now is the moment to show the world wisdom and love towards the foreigners. The problem is solved easily. Not by accident it all has happedned before the giving of the Torah anniversary. It should be proposed to everyone who is already here to perform a giyur. All those who will deny will be sent to their places. Show humanity. Entrust the work to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. Do not start fire inside the country.

Congratulations to all the holiday of receiving the Torah.

Aydin Gurshumov - Son of Man.


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